Simple Home Remedy For Tile And Grout Cleaning In Adelaide

One job you must stay on top of in your Adelaide home is tile and grout cleaning. Owing to its porous nature grout is a magnet to dirt and stains. Unfortunately, once it has picked up the dirt it is quite difficult to get rid of it. Dirt quickly turns grout from white to black, which can look very displeasing, especially if you have white tiles.

tile and grout cleaning adelaide

The good news is there are some home remedies you can follow to return your tiles and grout to their former glory. The important thing to remember is to ensure your perform a regular cleaning schedule. This will keep the stains at bay and ensure your grout doesn’t reach a point beyond return. Below we have outlined a simple tile and grout cleaning method that only requires two ingredients.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
Step 1:
When it comes to cleaning your tiles and grout, it’s important to have a clean canvas before you set to work. For tiles and grout on the floor, perform a thorough sweep and mop before tackling the grout itself. Alternatively, for bathroom and kitchen grout that is on the walls or counter tops, just simple spray and wipe with your usual cleaner. These cleaning methods will make sure any dirt or top layer of grime is gone.

Step 2:
Next it’s time to mix up the paste that you will be applying to the grout. For the paste you will need baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Add the baking soda to a small bowl and drip a bit of hydrogen peroxide. Keep adding and mixing until a paste forms. There’s no set recipe so create a paste that you think you will be able to work effectively with.

Step 3:
Now it’s time to apply the paste onto the grout. A good tool to use is a toothbrush, which will provide easy access to the thin layer of grout between your tiles. It’s important to just stick to a small spot first, then slowly move along to the remaining tile. Make sure you coat the entire grout and leave a thick layer. Then it’s time to let it set for 5 to 10 minutes and sink in into that stubborn grout.

Step 4:
Once you’ve left the paste to sink into the grout it’s time for the hard labour. With a tooth brush begin scrubbing the grout with firm pressure. Stick to just the small areas, as it can become tiresome scrubbing. If you are finding that the stains haven’t lifted, add some more paste and leave it to set again before getting scrubbing.

Step 5:
Now it’s time to get the elbow grease going as you perform the process on the rest of the grout. It’s crucial you take your time and go slowly so you ensure all of the stains are gone.

Step 6:
Once you’ve completed all of the grout in your bathroom, wipe down the remaining paste with a damp cloth. Then to finish off the clean, either mop or wipe down the area, depending on whether the grout was on the floors or the counters.

If you are pushed for time or just don’t want to spend time on your hand and knees scrubbing away then you can get a professional to do the job for you. At Masterclass Cleaning, they specialise in Tile and Grout Cleaning in Adelaide.


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