Select The Right Hot Water System In Adelaide

When it comes to selecting a new hot water system in Adelaide, it’s important to make a wise choice. Hot water consumption makes up about a quarter of your energy bills and should be taken seriously. Choosing the right hot water system for your household’s needs will ensure you’re not paying excessive bills that you don’t need to. Below we have outlined the options available and the pros of each to help you make a decision.

Hot water system Adelaide Hot water system AdelaideHot water system Adelaide

What is an electric hot water system?
As it’s name suggest, an Electric Hot Water System relies on electricity to make the water hot. When you turn the hot water tap on, an electric element is sparked in the system and heats the water up. There are two types of electric hot water systems available including continuous and storage systems.

Why select an electric hot water system?
If you’re looking for a cheap upfront cost, electric hot water systems are for you. They are the most inexpensive system to install and provide an option for those who don’t have a gas connection.

What is a gas hot water system?
In this type of hot water system, gas is used to heat water. The process is quite simple and is underpinned by the process of burning gas. The gas is burned in a covered burner located at the bottom of the hot watery system. The heat is pushed into the tank by the heater, making your water hot. A range of different gases can be used including Natural gas or LPG. This choice depends system to system.

Why select a gas hot water system?
When you compare gas hot water systems with the traditional electric, the choice seems simple. Not only do gas systems exceed electric in Eco friendliness but they will also cost your back pocket less. Over time, you will find a gas hot water system is far cheaper to operate that an electric one. You will also be happy to find that gas heats water a lot quicker than electric.

What is a solar hot water system?
This type of hot water system is the most Eco friendly. Utilizing the power of the sun, the hot water system operates from energy produced by solar panels. The hot water system is connect to your home’s solar panels and uses the energy to warm the water. If you’re concerned your hot water supply will run out in the cooler months, it’s important to know that the system can be boosted by electricity or gas.

Why select a solar hot water system?
There are countless advantages of choosing a solar hot water system. One that really stands out to many people is the opportunity to help the environment. Choosing a clean and green energy source reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and makes for an eco friendly choice. Furthermore, utilizing natural and renewable sources can dramatically reduce your energy bills. Furthermore, there are even government rebates up for grabs for those who install solar hot water systems now.

It’s important you thoroughly consider each option to make the best decision for your household. Hot water is an extremely important element of your home and one you cannot live without. If you enjoy long, hot showers and want to continue this guilty pleasure, make sure you choose the right system. If you next extra guidance, don’t be shy to talk to the professionals at Premier Gas. They are experts in their field and will be able to help you choose a Quality Hot Water System in Adelaide.

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