The Psychology of Building a Spectacular Carport

While there are some key practical aspects of building functional carports in Adelaide, such as how many cars you have or where is accessible from the road, there is plenty of room for your own idea as well. Enlist the help of several design professionals to give their insights on the psychological impact carport positioning, style and size.

One big mistake that is rather common, is stuffing too much onto a small property. Garden space is a valuable thing these days, and should be seen as more than just ‘leftover space’. Some properties are too small to incorporate a carport at all. Smallish properties will certainly prefer an attached Carport in Adelaide, whereas on a larger property, an attached carport would look silly with so much extra space. A carport squeezed between a home and a fence can look very claustrophobic and unpleasant.

An attached carport beside the house, perhaps adjoining a rear door is one of the best placements. This will not get in the way of the view of the house, but still offers direct, sheltered access to the house, which is ideal when it is raining, or when the kids come home from soccer with muddy boots and need to go straight to the laundry. This carport should be well ventilated to ensure exhaust fumes don’t make it into the house.

Carports in Adelaide

Carports that are attached are usually either in front of the house or to the side. Generally speaking, a carport directly in front of the home can interrupt the line of sight from the footpath. This means that the overall appearance of your home could be quite dramatically changed. A standard carport, made from steel or aluminium, is unlikely to be better looking aesthetically than the façade of your house, which has been carefully perfected by a builder or architect. This footpath view is the first impression that potential buyers are going to have of your home, as well as property evaluators. Any looming structure that interrupts the view of the house could potentially impact value and overall impression.

One of the main things to note is that you want your carport to be linked to the rest of your property. This is not purely a location thing. A carport that is plonked beside the home with no other visual connection still looks very much out of place. Some designers have suggested extending a driveway under the carport and across the property. If the carport is not attached, then a footpath linking the structure and the home is a good idea. Others have pointed out that similar colours and angles in the new structure can help it blend in to the rest of the home.

One handy piece of advice is to plant fast growing or established bushes around your carport. Often the feeling of a carport being starkly out of place comes from the fact that it is freshly built and immaculately bare. There is no wear, no bits and pieces lying around as everything has been cleared for the build. Few people think about greenery, and without it the new carport can look quite desolate. Trees look good once established, but can take years and years to grow. Certain varieties of shrubs or bushes can grow at impressive rates. A carport that is nestled among plant life gives the impression that it has been there for years, and may disguise some other slips in terms of aesthetic difference.

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