Utilise a Back Sprayer to Make Your Backyard Thrive

Many avid gardeners have begun utilising a back sprayer to help them tame their garden. The product is extremely effective at keeping weeds away and ends up making your garden look great. There is also a range of other things you can do to keep your garden looking amazing. Below, we have outlined some tips that will help your garden flourish.

Fertilize your plants
There’s more ways than you think to fertilize your garden. Gardens thrive for nutrients and when you given them what they want they begin to pay you back in dividends with their beautiful crops or flowers. One great fertilise that your probably don’t even know is a fertiliser is vegetable cooking water. When the vegetables cook in the water, nutrients seeps out. Rather than chucking the vegetable water away, use it on your garden. Give the water time to cool down and then pour it over your garden.

Garden beds made from cinder blocks
Create a visual feature in your backyard by constructing a raised garden bed from wood. Cinder blocks are a great material to use, as not only are they easy to work with, but they have nice holes that you can plant your herbs in. The great thing about cinder blocks is they’re quite flexible and offer a variety of different designs. You can make large garden beds, as well as narrower ones if you’re working within a small garden space. The first step to creating the garden bed is getting all the cinder blocks level. When you’ve worked out the configuration you want, you just have to put them in place and away you go.

Backpack Sprayer

Put coffee filters inside pots
Have you ever noticed when your water your plants that a lot of the soil comes out? This is particularly troublesome when you try and water your indoor plants in the sink. Overall, the whole process can make a big mess that is annoying to clean up. If you want to minimise the mess then there is a simple trick to make the whole watering process easier. Simply place a coffee filter inside the pot. This will put an end to the soil dropping out, whilst allowing the water to drain.

Eggshell starters
If you want to get a head start on your garden then you can start cracking earlier thanks to eggshells. If the weather isn’t facilitating planting then you can get your plants going indoors by planting seedlings inside eggshells. Eggshells are ideal for planting as not only are they full of calcium but they are free. What’s even better is when they’re ready to plant in the garden you can plant them within the shell.

Spuds and roses
Have you got a successful bush of roses that is beautifully blooming? If so, you are very lucky. Roses no only look gorgeous in your yard but are perfect to pick to brighten a loved one’s day. The amazing thing about roses is you can actually trim a bit of a brush and grow a new one from the trimmings. Once you’ve trimmed off some of the bush, you grab a potato and push the bottom ends into it. It may sound odd but the potato actually helps the rose trimming preserve moisture, whilst its roots develop.

Put an end to plant invasions
Are you sick of certain plants taking reign over your entire backyard? If you want to put a stop to a plant invasion then it’s pretty simple. All you need is a plastic pot. Simply bury this into the ground and it will end any root systems taking over your garden.

If you would like to learn more about making your garden thrive or if you want to purchase a back sprayer, visit the Green Gorilla website today at http://green-gorilla.com.au.


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