Make Your Brows The Envy of All With Poni Cosmetics

If you’re like me and you weren’t born with naturally perfect brows then Poni Cosmetics can help you. After plucking my eyebrows until they were perfect thin lines back when I was a teen, they just aren’t as full as they use to be now that I’m in my mid 20s. I realized if I was ever going to rival the likes of Cara Delevingne in the eyebrow department that I would have to have some extra help. If you too would like to have beautiful arches, then purchase the Poni Cosmetics brow kit. It’s a beautiful kit that comes packed with everything you need to fill your eyebrows in. If you’re unsure how to use it then follow the steps below.

1. The aim of eyebrow make up is to give you a fuller, flawless look that still looks natural. To perfect this look you will have to select the perfect colour that compliments your brows. For those with dark hair it’s important to pick a shade that is a little lighter than your natural colour. The opposite applies to those with lighter hair, who should choose a hue half to one shade darker. This will deepen the look of the brow, think Cara Delevingne.

2. There are a variety of different eyebrow products to choose from. Poni Cosmetics offers eyebrow powder and also a pencil. The powder offers a softer look, while the pencil is for those who want a defined brow.

3. When applying the powder or pencil to your brows its important to keep in mind that less is more. While it’s very easy to apply the colour, it is more difficult to remove it, which is why you shouldn’t be heavy handy. Also make sure you don’t press the cosmetics too hard onto your skin.

Poni Cosmetics

4. If you’ve decided to use the Poni powder, you’ll be happy to know it comes in a kit that has 8 different stencils and also a brow brush. Make sure your eyebrows are clean before sweeping the powdered brush along the angles of your eyesbrows. Follow the hair growth for a perfect finish.

5. We’ve all seen picture of those terrible eyebrow mishaps where women have literally drawn them on with a permanent marker. To avoid this type of look, you need to press lightly with the pencil. Hold is lightly in your hand and rather than drawing thick strokes, try little hair strokes that mimic the look of your natural eyebrows. Apply the pencils in the sparse areas of your eyebrows and when you’re down use a stiff angle brush to blend out the lines into your natural eyebrow.

6. Once you’ve applied either your powder or pencil, take a step back to check out how your brows are looking. As eyebrows come in a pair, it’s important they balance each other out and look good together.

7. If you believe you need to add a bit more colour do so but make sure you don’t overdo it.

8. When your eyebrows are looking perfect it’s time to set them in place. A brow wax will ensure your eyebrows don’t smudge during the day. Gently spread the wax over your eyebrows and you’re done.

If you want your brows to stand out from the crowd visit Beauty and Bronze to purchase your Poni Cosmetics. Alterantively you can visit to find out more.


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