Get the Best Cup Of Tea Out Of Your Enamel Teapot by Following 3 Simple Steps

If you love tea to the point where you have a special box full of exotic teas in your home and you’ve just Purchased an enamel teapot, it’s important to know you’re doing it right. You wouldn’t want to bring shame on tea drinkers would you? Tea is a classic that has been around for thousands of years but still people manage to get it so wrong. Below we have dissected the three unforgivable sins of tea making that must be stopped for the greater good of the might tea.

tea pot 2 cup green-150x150Never leave your kettle alone when it is boiling

Many people underestimate the timing of the boiling kettle. While you may think flicking the switch on the kettle is an excuse to go and complete some chores, while your cuppa is fervently bubbling away you were very wrong. Ask yourself, how can you expect a perfect cup of tea if you can’t even put the effort in it of watching it boil. While it may sound a little over the top, the fact of the nature is in order to have a perfect cup of black tea you have to wait till the point that it is slightly boiled. This is the moment of time when the kettle makes a ticking noise. This noise should occur approximately six seconds after the kettle makes the bubbling noise. Once you notice that noise you know it’s reached it’s ‘overboiled’ point and it is ready to serve immediately.

A teabag must brew for at least 3 minutes Enamel Teapot

There is a bit of contention surrounding how long is acceptable to brew your tea. This is an important step in ensuring flavor, as over brewing can make the flavor overpowering and a little bitter, while too few means you can’t even taste the tea. The time you should aim for is 3 minutes. This is the ideal time frame for your tea to infuse itself into the boiled water without overpowering it.

If you are using an Enamel Teapot make sure you warm the pot before you begin brewing. All you need to do is swish a bit of boiling water in the pot and its ready to go. When you pop your teabag into the put don’t mess around. It doesn’t need to be dipped in and out or squeezed. Simply conduct some self control and let it sit still to infuse the flavours without any interruptions. It’s important to note that in the tea brewing process if you dip, wring or squeeze a teabag you are offending traditional tea connoisseur and that’s something you just don’t want to do, especially if the connoisseur is your grandparent.

Never leave your teabag in your mug

Unfortunately in this busy world we live in we sometimes make the cardinal sin of leaving our teabag in our mug while we drink it. While we know better, we are just pressed for time. Some even enjoy being able to dunk the teabag back and forth and watch it bobble in your cup. Not only should teabags left in cups be stopped immediately because it is uncouth, but it also wreaks the flavor and will make your tea very bitter and unpleasant to drink. People, just take the extra thirty seconds out of your day to remove the teabag, we promise it won’t hurt you.

Now you know what you shouldn’t and shouldn’t do, spoil yourself with a new enamel teapot and put these tips into practice. Ardena Imports have some Beautiful Enamel Teapots Available Online


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