Tips From a Newport Electrician – Simple Safety Equipment That Could Save Your Life

Any electrician will tell you that electricity is a very useful yet powerful energy source we all utilise in Newport. It helps us out in daily functions and some people couldn’t live without it. However, in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous. Learning how to equip your home with safety equipment could be the difference between life and death. Ensure you and your family are adequately protected by the dangers lurking in your home by investing in the follow safety equipment.

Safety switches
A safety switch is an integral addition to your home, as it prevents electric shocks. All homes built after 1992 have safety switches as apart of regulations, however, those build beforehand are without. It is extremely important to ensure your home is fitted with a safety switch because when an electrical fault occurs it will turn your power off immediately. The safety switch is so fast the power will be off within a fraction of a second.

Smoke alarms
A home without a smoke alarm is extremely damaged and must be rectified as soon as possible. Smoke alarms are a vital piece of equipment in the home that notifies you of a fire. After installing a smoke alarm it’s important to test it to ensure it is still functioning and change its battery when it’s required. Try checking on your smoke alarm once a week by pushing the test button using a broom. It’s also a good idea to schedule your battery change at the daylight savings swap over to remember.

Electrician in Newport

Safety plugs
A power socket can be very inviting for young children to play with. At eye level, an empty power socket is a danger waiting to happen for your children. It’s easy for kids to sneakily poke something in the power socket and then hurt themselves. An easy way to prevent these types of accidents is to purchase safety plugs or power point covers. They don’t cost much and are simple to install. Just like if you were inserting something into the power socket, you simply push the safety plug into the power socket and it becomes protected.

Surge protectors
With countless products being ultilise in your home on a daily basis, it’s important to prevent them from a power surge. When a power surge occurs, products can be damaged, which can result in costly replacement fees. Installing surge protectors are a simply way to prevent this damage.

Extinguisher and fire blankets
Being proactive is an important step in safety. Purchasing and extinguisher and fire blanket is a great way to be prepared for an emergency. Keep these items in a handy spot, like in the kitchen, so they are easy to reach if you need to use them. It’s important when you buy them to read the instructions carefully, so if there is a need to act quickly, you know exactly what to do.

By purchasing the above safety equipment you will have sound peace of mind. Prevention is the key, so ensure you closely follow each of these steps to ensure you and your family is adequately protected. If you would like to learn more about how to make your home safe, contact a Professional Electrician Today in Newport from Electricals on Call.


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