If The Online Shoe Fits

Women can find it difficult to buy shoes reliably online, especially without trying them on. It can be hard to know whether you’ll be delighted or disappointed when you receive your pair. However, there are some ways in which the savvy online shopper can better their chances of the perfect fit when the package arrives.

First of all, actually use the size guide. Brands differ quite vastly in the measurements. What is a size 36 in one brand may be a 38 in another, and so it can be hard to judge if you don’t own anything of that brand. Even if you do, different styles may differ slightly in how they fit. People who have feet which are between sizes could have difficulty deciding on whether to go up or down, and so a very precise measurement is a good idea. Keep in mind if you are buying heels, or shoes you plan to be on your feet in for long periods of time, that your feet can swell over the course of the day.

Shoe retailers recommend that the best way to measure the foot for online shoe sizes is to place it on a piece of paper and trace the outline, and then measure the drawing. It allows the tape measure to be laid flat rather than over the curves of your feet. This is the most realistic replication of how retailers measure the shoe, which is by taking out the insole and measuring it flat on the ground. In many cases you can find shoes online that are also stocked in store. If you are overly concerned about it, then you could go into the store and try them on to double check, and then grab the bargain online price in the best size.

buy shoes reliably online

Different materials deserve different consideration when finding the best size. Tougher, rigid fabrics such as leather may initially seem tight but will indeed break in after a few hours of wear. Canvas can also stretch, whereas fake leathers will not give in the same way. Always double check what material your shoes are made from. Online, without specific descriptions, it can be hard to tell the different between leather and an imitation, and you may find you have been ripped off.

It is always a bonus to buy from a store online that offers free and fast returns. For anyone that has had the unpleasant experience of purchasing an ill-fitting garment or shoes online, you will appreciate that many retailers make returns a nightmare. If there is no big banner advertising free returns, then check the fine print. Often customers will need to return the package at their own expense, which could be around $20 for a shoebox. You may find that you then have to pay for the shipping of the second replacement pair. You will also need to gather the correct information about what you are entitled to. Do you receive a replacement pair, store credit or a full refund?

Choose reputable retailers that you have heard good things about. Larger companies which also have a local presence are not going to get overwhelmed with the process of delivery, and will also be intimate enough to be able to answer any customer service questions. Better yet, if they have a physical store too, then you can always try there if anything were to go wrong. Sometimes the postal service can damage parcels, so it is a good idea to again choose a respected retailer which cares about its reputation. Choose Shoe Shed for accurate measurements and free returns when you Buy Our Stunning Shoes Styles Online.

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