Which Style of Verandah is Best for Your Property?

Entertaining under a beautiful wrap around verandah is the dream of many homeowners. You can enjoy the breeze while being sheltered from the elements as you relax with a book.

Learn all the inside tricks about finding the Right Verandahs Style in Adelaide.

The first and probably most obvious style is the flat verandah. This is simply a horizontally extended roof, usually made of corrugated steel or aluminium. This is a basic design, and so does not require any fancy architectural work meaning it often costs a lot less. However, flat roofs are also worse at draining rainwater. The corrugated surface helps this problem, but it is a good idea if there is a very slight incline to help water smoothly drain into the gutters. The basic structure can be versatile to adapt to just about any home aesthetic, from traditional to modern or quirky.

verandahs Adelaide

Curved roof verandahs are much more visually interesting that the standard flat design. While not suited to all spaces, in the right context these styles can give that real architectural statement. The gradual peak at the centre gives a feeling of grandeur and opens up the space, making it feel bigger. You can play with creative lighting to also exaggerate the space available. The curved roof is a practical choice year round. In summer, the open sides and higher roof allow air flow to move through freely. Then, in winter, the ceiling’s shape can catch any warm airs as it rises and keep it trapped within. The curved roof acts like an umbrella, more accurately directing water into the drainage system. Flat roofs can see water pouring over the edge in a waterfall, but curved roofs have less overflow.

The name ‘bullnose verandah’ is perhaps a little less known, although most people would instantly recognise the style in the flesh. This type is characterised by a short slope which quickly tapers around to a rounded edge at the gutter. In many ways, this combines the ease of a flat roof with the water control of a curved one. This style is popular for its somewhat more traditional appearance as well as greater protection from the sun, wind and rain. Bullnose roofs typically feature on the double villas and cottages of Adelaide. Slate blue, to match the bluestone touches, or maroon are particularly favoured. These colours are achieved with powder coated steel.

Finally, the classic gable verandah is a choice that many people gravitate towards because of its visual magnificence. It enjoys many of the same good points as the curved roof, while being more classic in shape. We know that a triangle is the strongest shape which means that the gable roof design is the strongest there is. Many homeowners choose to use corrugated steel alternating with matches of thick, transparent plastic. This has a greenhouse effect, letting in plenty of light and trapping the warmth so that undercover plants can thrive.

Gable verandahs are simple to extend or add on to an existing house without standing out. This makes them an ideal renovation or extension idea for owners looking to boost value for minimal input. A gable roof can be large enough to fully shelter a large dining table and chairs. This means that if entertaining is your top priority, then this is the clear winner.

Professional verandah specialists will be able to offer you advice on which design best suits the features of your home. For all of your questions, comments and the solutions to your complicated Verandahs Problems in Adelaide, simply contact the qualified and experienced team at Western Pergolas ‘n’ Decks.

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