High Quality Vacuum Cleaners Can Clean More Than Your Flooring in Adelaide

Many Adelaide homeowners overlook the cleaning potential of humble vacuum cleaners. With a range of different cleaning tools and dusting clothes hitting the vacuum gets forgotten. However, with just one trusty machine and its ranges of attachments and hoses you can clean more than your carpets. What makes it even better is it slashes your cleaning time in half and gets rid of all the nasty allergens floating around in your home.

Vacuum Cleaners Adelaide

It may sound like a strange item to vacuum but when you think about it pillows hold on to a lot of dust. When you sleep on your pillow each night, you skin flakes off and builds up within your pillow. These skin flakes entice dustmites who feed of it and then live inside your pillow. They are only microscopic so invisible to the naked eye. Giving your pillow a regular vacuum will get rid of these critters and ensure you enjoy a good night sleep. There are two methods to clean a pillow, with the most straightforward being to vacuum directly onto it. Another way is to place your pillow within a large plastic bag. Next, put the vacuum hose into the bag and slightly enclose it. Then remove the air inside the plastic bag by switching the vacuum cleaner on. Then all you need to do is re-fluff your pillow outside in the fresh air.

Just like pillows, mattresses are also a haven for dead skin, hair, dust and dustmites. It can be a creepy feeling lying in your bed and thinking of all the bacteria and microscopic dustmites that are around you. If this notion gives you sleepless nights make sure you keep up to date with regular vacuuming of your bed. You will find running your vacuum over your bed on a regular occasion will keep your mattress nice and clean, as well as reduce allergens.

This is an area that I am guilty of not cleaning. I have to admit, my car has only been washed a handful of times in the last three years that I have owned it. When you think about how much time you do spend in the car, it really makes you rethink your cleaning schedule. Stepping in to a nice, spotless car can really make the early morning commute to work that much more bearable. When you vacuum your vehicle it’s important to not only focus on the floor but also the upholstery. The same applies for boats and trucks.

Cutlery drawer
Have you ever noticed when fishing out a knife and fork for dinner that your cutlery drawer is filling up with crumbs? This can be a little disturbing and you wonder how they’ve gotten there in the first place. Cleaning out your cutlery drawer can be a real nuisance as you have to rearrange everything, however, with the help of a vacuum cleaner it’s much easier.

Draperies and valances
Overtime, dust builds up on top of curtain headers and valances, which can go unnoticed owing to its height. Rather than living with a load of dust in your home, ensure you keep on top of these areas with a regular vacuuming routine. To get to this hard to reach area attach a special dusting attachment and set to work. Once you’ve cleaned the dust from the top, carefully slide the vacuum down the drapes to get rid of any built up dust. Be sure to set your vacuum to a more delicate suction, so you don’t damage the material.

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