Achieve Safety and Style with Glass Fencing

Installing a swimming pool in the back yard is a luxury that looks impressive and adds a large sum onto the value of your home. One of the most important things to get right in this task is to select a practical glass pool fencing choice in Adelaide which meets all of the safety requirements without looking unpleasant. If you have just spent this fortune on a pool, then you hardly want an ugly fence to spoil the view.

Glass Pool fencing in Adelaide  is undeniably stylish. The clear, slightly reflective coating can make the water shimmer and make you want to take a dip whenever you can. Glass can help your little slice of heaven to feel like a luxury resort. There are endless possibilities for incorporating this chic material into your fencing, either with classic square panels, or statement geometric shapes. You may be forgiven for assuming that something this stylish would no doubt come at the sacrifice of safety. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Glass fencing dramatically boosts your commitment to safety in a number of ways.

Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide
First and foremost, glass enhances direct visibility between supervisor and people in the pool. When children get a new pool, they want to use it 24/7, inviting their friends around or swimming laps. Children absolutely must be observed at all times in the pool, but parents may not be as keen to swim as much. A glass fence means that parents can be in the garden, or even inside with an open window and still have a completely unobstructed view of their children. Frameless options are preferable, to ensure there are no blind spots. Traditional tubular fencing can look dated, and the thick metal poles can significantly block vision. We know it only takes a split second for something terrible to happen. Even with the most responsible and sensible children in the world, accidents do happen. A bump on the head for example may not usually be of huge concern, but in a pool the dangers are compounded. Total visibility is non-negotiable.

One of the main concerns that parents may have with glass fencing is the consequences of running into it. We know that children are little bundles of energy and so running around is a certainty, no matter how much we try to stop it. On wet tiles, the chances of a slip or a collision are cause for concern. However, unlike regular glass which would shatter into a million sharp pieces, pool fencing is protected against this type of thing. The sheet glass is extra strength, but if the pressure was enough it would simply crack. There is no shattering, no worry of pieces of glass in the pool, on the grass on under tiny feet. It is safer and easier to replace as well as clean up.

Finally, some glass fencing can be UV resistant, either with a film applied or the glass itself. Obviously, this is not going to fully protect swimmers as it does not go overhead, but one on the sides. However, it is in these non-peak times of sun, either in the morning or later afternoon that we often forget other precautions such as sun screen and hats. It is certainly an advantageous feature to add to existing sun protection measures. If you are unsure about the current safety requirements for pool owners, your fencing specialist is able to help guide you in the right direction. Please visit Q Glass and Glazing at to get in touch with the experienced glass pool fencing team in Adelaide.


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