Burglar Proof Your Windows

Many residents focus on fortifying their doorways; however this is not the only entrance to the building for a cunning burglar. Not enough people consider the risk that unsecured windows pose, and how a creative locksmith in Adelaide will be able to improve the situation dramatically.

First of all, locking windows is essential. Any model that can be opened from the outside is an extreme weakness in your home security system. There are good locks and there are locks that will snap immediately under any kind of force. Go for reputable brands recommended by your locksmith at Adelaide.

Reinforced glass is an absolute must. You would hope that in the interest of being silent, would-be burglars that come across a locked window would be deterred. Unfortunately, for the more desperate out there, this is not the end of the road. It is quite possible that your window will be shattered so that they can dash in, grab whatever they can find and get out before you realise what’s happened. Reinforced glass, or a safety film applied to regular windows can help reduce this risk.

Carefully consider exactly where your windows are placed when building a new home. A window right next to your front door might look pretty, but it is not practical. Even with the previously mentioned precautions, it is still possible to break glass. A hand sized hole is all it takes for a burglar to have enough access to unlock your door from the inside. This is the exact reason why it is unthinkable to have a door which incorporates a glass panel. Granted, the glass panels in doors are often exceptionally thick, however it is still taking unnecessary risk.

It is obvious, but never leave your valuables in plain view. Safes are good for jewellery and other valuables in that not only does it add a layer of protection, but it takes the objects out of sight. For other possessions, it is not quite so feasible to hide them away. You’re not going to pack up your television every night after watching it. Drawing the curtains is perhaps the easiest way to avoid blatant temptation.

It is not just the window itself that can be protected, but the surrounding area too. Because we know that windows are a popular entry point to burglars, we can use this to our advantage. Put in place some safety measures that startle the burglar in this exact spot. Gravel directly under the window is often recommended, and all around the house for that matter. It is true that walking on gravel creates noise, and this may spook the burglar into running away and trying elsewhere. However, realistically, the crunching of gravel is not going to wake the resident from a deep sleep. While laying gravel is an extra layer of protection, it is not sufficient for total protection.

Bright floodlights that operate with a sensor are a brilliant strategy. The shock of this instantaneous light, combined with the complete loss of any form of cover or hiding place is often enough to turn your thief around. Another good option is prickly flora directly beneath your windows. Just make sure that it is not a dense hedge, as this can actually act like a step up and help a burglar break in. Loose but thorny branches make a good barricade. Just ensure that you don’t plant any greenery directly beside your front door, as it invites someone to hide there, pounce when you open your door, and gain entry without a trace of breaking and entering.

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