Begin Your Own Coffee Empire in Brisbane

Vending machines are a popular business venture for individuals looking for small scale yet quick and steady income. The idea is all about providing customers with a simple and convenient way to access the products that are in demand, and what is more in demand than coffee? This decision has the potential to be very profitable if all the right Vending Machines Strategies in Brisbane are applied effectively.

First of all, there are some general vending philosophies that are universal, and so equally apply to coffee vending machines. For example, you want to find a location or locations that experience relatively little surrounding competition. Especially in the context of coffee, customers can be very particular about the taste and the experience, and so will often prefer a café if there is one nearby.

You also will want to choose places which have high foot traffic, lots of people coming and going. For example, larger companies spread over a few floors can be a great site for a coffee machine. If there is a break room or cafeteria where all department staff come to eat then this is perfect. However, a small business office with twenty or so people would not be so profitable. Besides, where there is less demand for a single machine, it would make more sense from the company’s perspective to simply buy a coffee machine. If you are looking at locations where there are permanent customers, such as employees in an office, then it needs to be busy enough to ensure ongoing profit.

vending machines brisbane

Now there are some concepts that apply more specifically to coffee. Put yourself in the shoes of your target consumer and get creative in experimenting with your strategy. For example, it is well known that coffee is a pick me up for tiredness. Consider populations of people that may work late or extremely early that would look for this kind of product. Campuses full of students are goldmines for coffee machines. The airport is another place which leaps to mind. There are plenty of people coming and going, often at unholy hours when they need to stay awake between connecting flights. While there may be stiff competition in terms of cafes, you could either select a location closer to the gates that is more convenient, or just rely on your 24 hour service that most retailers would not offer. It can be tricky to secure such highly sought after locations, but once you are there, you can just let the money start rolling in. With minimal maintenance and occasional restocking the only real jobs, it is worth putting in extra effort negotiating and convincing at this early stage as it will certainly pay off.

As well as waking people up, having a coffee is a good activity to pass the time while waiting. Hospitals and doctors’ rooms are known for their longer waiting periods, and so customers justify that a coffee can pass the time. Hospitals tend to be already covered as they are so large, so look at busier small companies that have wait periods. Places like auto repairs garages are often untapped but can prove worthwhile. Coffee from a vending machine can be enjoyed both on the go or sitting down. A location next to some sort of public seating or lounge is a wise choice. Especially in waiting scenarios, no one wants to stand for ages with their coffee in their hands.

Finally, choosing the building is only half of the job. You will want to look at exactly where in the room you place the machine for maximum impact, and the colour or style of presentation that matches with the surroundings and brings people in. To buy your own machine and begin your Profitable Vending Machines Company in Brisbane, contact Benleigh Vending Systems at

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