DIY pressure cleaning tips in Adelaide

Follows these simple steps for correct set up and usage of your Versatile High Pressure Cleaning Machine in Adelaide. A floor scrubber is one of the most efficient ways to thoroughly clean a large area. A broom and mop simply push the dirt around, and are pathetically slow. This machine actually lifts much of the debris into the machine, and of course all of the work is done for you being an automatic vehicle.

While most jobs take a few hours, there are set up and pack down procedure that combined can mean that this task takes quite a few hours. Machines are hired on a daily basis from most suppliers.

Firstly, if you are operating in your workplace ensure you follow all safety regulations. Position signs at all entrances advising of wet surfaces and cleaning taking place. Remove furniture that could present an obstacle. Stopping once you get going will interrupt how well the machine can suck up the solution, so you don’t want to be stopping and starting to move things around. Ensure you move them out of the way entirely, as they can’t be placed back on the Clean Floor until it is completely dry.

High pressure cleaning Adelaide

Check with your supplier about the procedures for your exact machine, as they will vary slightly. Modern ride on machines can include a pre-sweep setting that removes the need for manual sweeping of the floor prior to scrubbing. Do not simply assume that this is the case. Older models which do not have this option can easily be clogged by dust and debris if the surface is not adequately swept.

Ensure the battery is fully charged. It can take 6 to 8 hours to charge from being flat, but then will last for a solid 3-4 hour session. Most significant areas can be covered in this time, meaning you only need the one charge. Fit the machine with the pads which will best clean your floor. A high gloss or marble floor will need a softer scrub from a white or red pad, while concrete benefits from a more aggressive pad such as brown or black. Brushes can also be used for uneven or particularly rough surfaces, such as outdoors.

Before pouring in your cleaning solution, rinse out the machine with water with a dash of vinegar. This will cleanse out any soap or calcium build up. The machine will consist of two tanks. The first is where the cleaning solution goes, which is applied to the floor, scrubbed, and then sucked back up and deposited in the dirty container. Ensure this dirty tank is empty when you start cleaning.

A good tip is to mark out the cleaning area, whether it be a room or a smaller section. Mount your machine and begin working the perimeter, slowly moving your way in. Overlap each round by a few inches to ensure there are no spots missed. This technique will allow you to push any remaining water toward the center where it can be easily mopped up. Although the machine will remove a significant portion of the dirty solution, there may be some left over.

A second round of the entire procedure can work wonders for particularly dirty areas. So if you finish and think that the results could be better, it may be time to charge the battery and tackle round two. Polished floors may need a coat of wax applied followed by a buffing. Once everything is dry you can rearrange the room and clean out the excess solution from the tank. For Reliable High Pressure Cleaning Hire in Adelaide, consult the experts at SA Sweepers and Scrubbers


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