How to Protect Carports From The Elements in Wintery Adelaide

Well build carports take care of your car in Adelaide but have you ever thought about what you need to do to take care of them? With winter just around the carport, outdoor structures can really take a beating. If you have recently installed a carport or have freshly landscaped the winter months can be stressful. To ensure your new outdoor features stay in one piece during winter we have devised the following tips.

Outdoor structures
Getting your outdoor structures ready for winter is extremely important. When the weather turns cold and you’re pilling on the jumper, your outdoor area is most likely last on your mind. However, it’s places like your carport, shed, garage and outdoor storage need extra attention. While you’re shivering inside, just think about the damage that is being caused to your outdoor area if not properly protected. The winter weather not only has the potential to damage garden equipment and machinery, and old possessions left in the shed, it also can cause your home to be cooler. If your carport or garage is attached to your home and is not insulated, a great amount of heat can be lost. To ensure you stay warm in weather and your property remains protected you should follow the next few tips.

  • Your garage door and the door leading into your home from the garage must be weather stripped. Weather stripping ensures water, dirt, leaves and pests stay outside where they belong. In addition to keeping nasties out, the weather stripping also insulates your garage.
  • Prevent drafts entering your garage and in turn into your home by caulking around your garage.
  • Clear and clean the gutters and drains on your Carports in Adelaide and shed to avoid damage during storms.

Carports Adelaide

Deck and Garden
Unfortunately all the hard work you do in your garden at spring and summer time can get ruined when the weather turns cold. The winter weather has the potential to strike mayhem on your outdoor area and ruin your beautifully landscaped garden. However, if you’re prepared you can minimize the damage to your garden and protect it from being ruined. What’s even better is the preparation will ensure your garden springs into action when spring comes around. The following tips should be followed:

  • Examine your garden closely and remove any plants that are dead or dying.
  • If you have a deck or railings, be sure to apply a water-repellent sealant. This should keep the water out.
  • If you want your lawns to continue to look good throughout winter apply a fall fertilizer to the lawns.

Roof, drains and gutters
All year maintenance is required on your roof to avoid damage. While it may not rain as much during spring and summer, it will surprise you how clogged your gutters can get during these months. To ensure your roof has what it takes to tackle the harsh winter weather, clean your roof and gutters beforehand. By doing so you will reduce the risk of great damage to your roof. It’s important to note that the roof is one of the most costly places in your home to fix, why prevention is smart. By carrying out the following tips your roof should stand the test of time during winter:

  • Examine your roof closely for any damage and dirt. Carry out a good clean to get your roof in good condition before winter.
  • If the caulking has worn away, scrape what’s left away and apply a fresh coat. This will stop your roof from leaking and any drafts that may occur.
  • If you’ve noticed your drains and gutters are beginning to rust be proactive and replace them before they get any worse.

For more information about protecting carports during the winter months in Adelaide, visit the Pergolarific website for more tips at

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