Bike Theft is on the Rise, So Lose The Excuses

There are some shocking statistics surrounding bicycle crime in Australia. We are considered one of the safest countries in the world, and yet when it comes to these sorts of small scale crimes, the rates are extremely high. We need to avoid complacency and actively protect property with correct storage, insurance and Effective Locksmith Devices in Adelaide.

Cycling Australia has announced that 1 in 10 bicycles will be stolen within five years of purchase. This is an atrocious figure, but the good news is that there are significant steps that can reduce the risk. Perhaps it stems from the oblivious notion that no one needs to lock their bike because crime doesn’t happen. It does happen, and the only way to stop it is by taking preventative measures.

There are some common excuses that bike riders resort to in defence of their risky parking behaviour. One of the leading defences for an unlocked bike is that locks tend to stick and are therefore unreliable, and could leave you stranded. As with most things, the answer is that you get what you pay for. A good quality lock may cost a little more, but those extra dollars sure are worth it when it comes to protecting your $500+ investment. If you have chosen a decent brand, and for some reason do experience an issue with undoing the lock, use graphite. This works with all locking devices, not just bike locks. Avoid oily or greasy lubricants at all costs, as this residue can actually cause a blockage, potentially exacerbating the problem. Graphite will simply clean out all the gunk and rust, leaving you with a smoothly turning mechanism.

Another factor that is commonly overlooked, is that the problem often lies in the key and not in the lock. The grooves and jagged edge of your key need to be retained so the key can effectively open the lock. Over time, wearing down can erode the sharper edges and create problems. The general strength of the key’s structure can also weaken, resulting in a twisted or snapped key. Always try to carry a spare key with you to avoid these dramas.

Perhaps one of the weakest excuses is that the cyclist will lose the key or forget the combination. This is not an excuse at all, as a key can be duplicated and a combination can be recorded in a private location. Alternatively, a combination could be a birthday or other important number that you will not forget.

Theft is only the first half of the problem, and the other half is returning found bikes to their rightful owners. Cycling Australia has also stated that of those bikes found, less than 5% find their way back to the owner because of identification hassles. So, perhaps the biggest tip for bike security is identification, and even tracking. This means engrave your initials somewhere, take a few photos, and even look at a discrete tracker such as a Tile.

Of course, all locking jobs are not equal. Ensure that your bike is properly secured, and the lock isn’t just draped around a fence. Make sure your device is a reputable brand. Always lock up, even if you’re darting into a shop for a minute. It is often these times that present the golden opportunity for thieves. For those overly concerned, make use of several locks. The extra minute it takes to secure your bike will be well worth it when you avoid theft. A bike with two locks next to a bike with one will not be the target. Contact Marion Locksmiths for the most reliable Bicycle Locksmith Professionals in Adelaide.

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