FAQs about professional solar panel cleaning in Adelaide

Many Adelaide homeowners don’t realize just how important solar panel cleaning is. They spend lots of money on installing solar panels but once they’re up on their roof they completely forget about them. Neglecting your solar panels can greatly reduce their efficiency and decrease your return on investment. If you have been contemplating the benefits of solar panel cleaning, we have answered some frequently asked questions below to help you out.

Why do solar panels need to be cleaned?
Investing in a solar system is at first a costly exercise that usually results in a good return on investment. However, care is required to ensure your solar system continues to provide adequate electricity output. With solar panels exposed to the elements, over time grime, leaves, airborne particles and bird poo can build up and dirty your solar panels. This can greatly reduce the electrical output of the solar panels and stop them from working at their full capacity. Not only does dirt significantly decrease the electrical output but it can risk damaging the system beyond repair. If certain contaminants are not cleaned, it can scratch the surface and cause permanent damage. Corrosion can also develop when organic deposits like bird poo and windborne dirt are left on the panels and become wet.

Furthermore, neglecting to Clean Your Solar Panels can create hot spots in your solar system. When dirt blocks sun from the cell the cells generates less current and heat is produced rather than electrical power. Unfortunately hot spots reduce the energy efficiency of your solar panels, as well as cut back their lifespan. It is important to remember the small cost of maintenance is strongly compensated by the benefits of greater production and an increased lifetime.

Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide

How often do solar panels need to be cleaned?
Location plays a big part in the amount of times you will need to clean your solar panels. For example, for those living in industrial dense areas cleaning will need to be more regular. This is the same for those who live near costal areas or places where there is a large bird population. In terms of people living in desert or dry areas where dust is more common, solar panels should be cleaned on a recurring basis.

Can’t I just let the rain clean my solar panels?
Many homeowners neglect cleaning their solar panels because they believe the rain will wash away the dirt. While it is true that rain can eliminate some of the dirt and grime, it is not effective enough to completely rid the roof of more hardy contamination like chemicals, bird droppings and other air pollution. Furthermore, when the rain evaporates on your roof it has the potential to leave mineral deposits behind. With this in mind it is important to ensure your solar panels are treated with specially designed solar panel cleaning product.

The type of soiling on your solar panel depends on where you live. For those living in dry dessert like areas, your solar panel will most likely be polluted with dust and dirt. Conversely in cool and wet environments your solar panels will attract windborne dirt and different types of animal droppings. Leaves and pollen are also a problem and can cause corrosion when they become wet and stuck to your solar panels.

Now that you understand the importance of keeping up with Solar Panel Cleaning on Your Adelaide Home, it’s time to act. Talk to the professionals at Greener Housing Solutions.


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