4 things every girl should know before booking a Brazilian waxing appointment in Melbourne

Have you been thinking about baring it all and booking yourself a Brazilian waxing appointment in Melbourne? If you’re new to Brazilian waxing the process can be a little daunting. Many people build up the pain in their head, which stops them from getting the treatment done. However, as the old saying goes, no pain no gain. If you are biting the bullet and going to try a Brazilian for the first time in Melbourne, you need to know the following four facts.

You will feel exposed
Are you the type of girl that doesn’t even like getting naked in front of a doctor? If so, then you’re going to find your first Brazilian wax a little confronting. There’s no point sugar coating it. When you get a Brazilian wax you are going to be feeling very naked and a little violated. Nothing untoward goes on but yes, your waxer will have to touch you, be close to areas you only allow very few people get close to and of course have to look at you. At first the experience will be a little out there but once you become a regular you won’t bat an eyelid when they tell you to drop your pants.

Are you a butt ticklish?
Right before your first Brazilian Waxing you will probably get that horrible little voice in your head that starts to psych you out. Your heart will start pumping and your palms will start sweating about the unknown. Many women have irrational fears about the pain and which part of the wax is going to hurt the most. For some reason people worry that butt will be the worst bit. Considering the butt area being waxed is a part of what differentiates a Brazilian and a regular bikini wax, this is probably the part that scares people the most. Funnily enough, it’s at this point of the wax that you don’t feel much at all. Apparently there aren’t as many nerve endings in that area, hence the reduced pain. In fact rather than screaming in pain, you are more likely to burst into a fit of giggles because it can be pretty ticklish in that area.

brazilian waxing Melbourne

Let it grow
One of the hardest things to do before a Brazilian wax is to put down the razor. For those with a strict beauty regime, changing it can be tricky. Making the switch from shaving to waxing can be tough but has many benefits. For those new to Brazilian waxing it is important to note that you will need to give time for the hair to grow back. This means you need to refrain from shaving for at least 5 days. Ultimately you should aim for the hair down there to be about a quarter of an inch, which is kind of like the size of a grain of rice. If hair is too short, the waxing process will not work.

Refrain from working up a sweat for 24 hours after your Brazilian wax
Many Brazilian waxing virgins plan to show of their new look to their partner straight after their wax. However, this is a big no, no. It’s advised that anything that will cause you to sweat or that creates friction down there has to be abstained from, as it can cause irritation. Therefore, sex is out of the question. If you are planning a night of pleasure, it’s best to get watched 2 days prior rather than the morning of. This will give you time for the area to recover from the wax.

Now you know the information, book a Brazilian waxing appointment in Melbourne with Beauty and Bronze by visiting their website at http://www.beautyandbronze.com.au.


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