Follow Some Quick Steps While Waiting for Your Plumber to Arrive

Plumbing is a very specialised talent, yet on the rise is the trend of Inexperienced plumbers in Adelaide. Handymen can work wonders on everything from decking to using power tools, but correct plumbing is not quite so intuitive. The best advice is to contain the problem with a few easy steps and then call in a professional to assess the damage and find a solution.

The first thing to do in the case of an urgent leak is to try to observe the source. Examine the base of the faucet and the pipes in the cupboard directly below the sink. Of course, the pip system is much more extensive and hidden than this small section, but any weaknesses that you can observe will be of assistance to your plumber. For example, if you note that the base of your faucet is pooling, then your plumber will interpret this as likely being a worn O-ring related problem. By contrast, a dripping tap is something else altogether.

Once you have got a fair idea of the location of the problem, then comes the time to turn off the water source. There are usually two obvious valves beneath the sink that will shut off the supply to the taps. Shut both off, as one is for hot and one for cold. If you cannot locate these, then you will need to go and turn off your mains until a plumber arrives. This can be an inconvenience, as this is the supply to your entire home and so you will not be able to use any water until help arrives.

Clean any puddles as soon as you can to prevent rusting and mould. It is easy to intend to do this later and forget about it, only to find an unpleasant damp smell a couple of days later. Time is of the essence in not only mopping up the moisture, but also in spotting the leak in the first place. Failure to notice a problem could result in warping and buckling of your pipes under the extra pressure. Depending on the extent, this can be costly to fix.

If you suspect a leak, or would just like a general way to test for an unobservable leak, then you can use your water meter. This is best tested over a period when you will not be using any water, such as when you are away on holiday. Write down the reading before you leave and again when you return, without turning off your mains. Any discrepancy here will indicate a hidden leak. If you do not have the luxury of going without water for several days, then the problem is often highlighted in the form of a dramatically high water bill.

In situations where the leak is substantial, it is best to phone for an emergency plumber, as these providers often have several professionals available at any one time so you can be confident of a prompt service.SO if the leak is more spurting than dripping, or it has been leaking for some time unnoticed, then this immediate service is certainly the way to go. Ensure you enquire as to any additional fee for emergency plumbers. While a little extra is acceptable and standard, in the heat of the moment it can be easy to arrange a service and then only gawk at the additional fees later. Keep in mind the name of an honest and reputable team so that this never happens to  you. Trust Premier Gas at for reliable plumbers immediately in Adelaide.


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