The Case for Frosted Window Film

While many people immediately associate classic window tint products in Melbourne with a dark and reflective surface, this is certainly not the only option. More and more are turning to a frosted texture that has many functional benefits as well as looking smart and beautiful.

First and foremost, frosted tint allows for privacy without sacrificing elegance. There are various levels of frost. Some slightly granulate the view while others totally obscure it, with little more than a faint silhouette visible. It could be that you are unaware of a frosting that is quite subtle, until you actually see the blurred image of someone behind it. This means that whether you want to totally protect your home from burglars, give your employees in an office some privacy or simply cover the bathroom window, then this is the perfect choice.

An opaque surface allows the benefit of plenty of natural light to spill inside and light up a space, without being blinding. Just like a pair of sunglasses, a frosted tint can reduce much of the glare of natural light. By taking away this harsh quality, you are left with a pleasant, warm glow. This means that frosted glass can be brilliant for north facing windows here in Australia. They’ll block the intense summer sun but allow the much needed warmth in winter to trickle in.

Choose a frosted tint that is able to block the harmful, invisible forms of light. Many people think that they are safe from harmful UV rays by simply being inside. In fact, it is quite possible that the medium of unprotected glass can actually magnify the rays, and exacerbate any dangers. A Frosted Window Film Cover can catch a large percentage of these rays, up to 99%, before they hit your skin.

One of the key practical aspects of frosted tint is that it affords the homeowner all of the insulation benefits of a darker film. By being able to bounce some of the sun’s rays back, the frosted window acts as a brilliant insulator. This property has the potential to translate directly into financial savings by using less air conditioning and heating. While it will not eliminate the need for artificial temperature control, it will make a little amount go a long way. A half an hour of air conditioning for example would keep the house cool for a few hours.

As well as maintaining temperature, window film can also help keep unwanted noise out. If you live near a busy road, or are quite a light sleeper, then this quick and easy product might be the solution to your problems. What’s more, touchy neighbours can be softened if the outside noise of your stereo is muffled.
Finally, just like all window films, frosted options offer the flexibility to alter the appearance of the glass post-build. These less permanent choices are wise, as we always tend to change our minds about aesthetics. Making a switch to frosted glass could be costly, and is unnecessary. All of the advantages of frosted glass can be achieved with regular glass fitted with a frosted film, and the difference is even undetectable for visitors.

You can get a standard matte finish, a slightly more luminescent ‘sparkle’ finish, or even a fibrous textured surface. The choice is entirely up to the individual, and there is enough variety to allow you to get creative with your finishes. Layering tints can exaggerate their properties, and some people have alternated textures for larger scale statements. Contact Protinting to learn their Frosted Window Tint Varieties in Melbourne.


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